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SCCF would like to invite all of applicants from our Spring 2018 cycle to apply for our second round of grants through the Philanthropy Internship. Only organizations who submitted an application for the Spring 2018 cycle will be eligible to apply.

The Philanthropy Internship will award $30,000

in grants in Fall 2018. Grant awards range from $1,000

minimum to $5,000 maximum.

The Philanthropy Internship is an innovative partnership between SCCF and the University of the South. This internship was made possible through a generous donation to the University that enables students to learn about the concept and field of philanthropy. As part of the learning experience, students, under the guidance of SCCF, will be responsible for administering the grants process.

For more information, please email grants@southcumberlandcommunityfund.org.

Philanthropy Internship Grant Timeline: 

  • July 10:   Application Opens

  • August 20: Applications due by midnight 

  • September 3–15: Interviews 

  • October 26:  Notification of Grant Awards

Before you submit, make sure you revise and save a copy of your application for your organization!

Click here for a word template of the application here!

Resources for Grant-Seekers

Our grant focus areas are:
1.Building our Sense of Community 
2. Strengthening our Economy
3. Developing the Potential of our Youth
4. Tapping the Potential of our Elders
5. Conserving our Past
6. Enlarging the Vision of the Future.
7. Meeting Basic Needs

About SCCF's Grant Process

SCCF is the first and only local philanthropic organization serving the South Cumberland Plateau area, which borders Franklin, Grundy and Marion counties. The goal of the grants program is to improve the quality of life on the South Cumberland Plateau. The grants process empowers the community to define and create initiatives that utilize the area’s local knowledge, foster community collaboration, and build on the strength of the area’s people, communities and natural setting.
Since 2012, the grants committee has distributed over 69 grants, totaling $570,000 to 45 organizations. We support local nonprofits, churches, other religious organizations, and governmental units (like municipalities and public schools) across our geographic region.