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SCCF Grants At-work:

Morton Memorial United Methodist Church

Sees Real Results from Grants that Benefit Its Food Ministry

In the past, volunteers had to resort to manually carrying food from the top pallet into the church on delivery days and re-stacking it.

The new stacker helps eliminate the amount of manual labor needed to  move food and arrange it for selection. 

In 2018, South Cumberland Community Fund awarded two grants in its spring and fall grant cycles in the amounts of $9,050.00 and $1,986.90 to Morton Memorial United Methodist Church (MMUMC) for its food ministry, which has been serving residents of the Plateau for six years. The SCCF grants were used to purchase an electric pallet stacker and a motorized pallet jack to be used to move food during monthly food deliveries.


In the past MMUMC relied on a forklift borrowed from Monteagle Silo Company to move heavier loads into the building. The addition of the new stacker and motorized pallet jack enable volunteers to move food much more quickly and efficiently, with less strain and fewer potential hazards. 


The MMUMC food bank provides food for roughly 300 people each month; this includes 85 children, with the majority of this demographic represented by seniors, many of whom serve as volunteer recipients. Deliveries originate from Chattanooga Area Food Bank and consist of five to six tons of various non-processed foods, the bulk of which is based on the “My Plate Program” that focuses on protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, and also includes seasonal fruits and vegetables when available.

The Mountain’s communities and SCCF are deeply grateful to MMUMC for its dedication to reducing food insecurity on the Plateau.

Please contact Amy Wilson of the MMUMC food ministry at amyjoneswilson@gmail.com for more information on opportunities to help volunteer at the food bank.