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The vision of  South Cumberland Community Fund is that the Plateau be a place of hope and prosperity for all its residents and communities, inspired by the Fund’s philanthropic and regional leadership.


South Cumberland Community Fund (SCCF) represents the first local philanthropic entity to serve the tri-county area of the South Cumberland Plateau in rural Tennessee. This isolated highland region lies roughly halfway between the metropolitan communities of Nashville and Chattanooga, but is virtually invisible to the institutional philanthropy in those cities. 


In 2012, South Cumberland Community Fund was established and awarded $100,000 in grants to area nonprofits in the spring of that year. Since that time, SCCF has added another fall grants cycle, and implemented capacity building efforts by sponsoring workshops and trainings for nonprofit leaders in the region and support for early childhood initiatives. In 2014, in collaboration with the University of the South, SCCF began to co-host the South Cumberland Plateau (SCP) AmeriCorps VISTA Project, bringing as many as 16 VISTA members to the Mountain to serve at nonprofit sites across the Plateau. 

SCCF’s commitment to partnering with local community organizations and leaders is moving the needle in terms of health, education, and community/economic development outcomes on the South Cumberland Plateau. To-date SCCF has funded over $1 million in direct grants to area nonprofits and invested well over $600,000 in community development work. Through our partnership with the SCP AmeriCorps VISTA Project these investments have yielded nearly millions in outside grants to the area since 2014 through a partnership with the University of the South's Office of Civic Engagement.


The mission of South Cumberland Community Fund is to improve the quality of life across the Plateau by increasing philanthropic giving and providing community leadership to
  • Build on the strength of the area’s people, communities, and natural setting. 
  • Enhance community capacity and collaboration.
  • Support innovative ways to solve community problems.
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