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Marguerite Kondracke Returns to the Mountain

"To realize prosperity, people must first have hope. To have hope, people have to feel supported, to feel that somebody believes in them...To have hope, people have to believe they have a future. This is exactly the kind of impact that South Cumberland Community Fund is making on the Plateau."

                                                     - Marguerite Kondracke

Marguerite Kondracke, internationally renowned child and family advocate, 2011 University of the South honorary degree recipient, and former Mountain resident spent the weekend of September 14th through 16th with her husband, journalist Mort Kondracke, visiting with University students and interacting with community leaders at several events on the Mountain. The Kondracke’s visit culminated with An Evening with Marguerite Kondracke, held Saturday at “Good Knight Cottage,” the lovely home of Anne and Claude Stuart in Monteagle, at which she addressed the importance of the collaborations between SCCF and the communities of the Plateau. Please click on Marguerite Kondracke Speech under the "Events" tab to view Marguerite's remarks. 

SCCF is pleased to announce that we have sold out for An Evening with Marguerite Kondracke on September 15, 2018. We thank everyone who has bought tickets for, made a donation to, or expressed interest in this event.

Thank you so much for your support of South Cumberland Community Fund. Please be sure to visit after September 15th to view pictures of this wonderful event.


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