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our home,

our mountain,

our future.

The vision of  South Cumberland Community Fund is that the Plateau is a place of hope and prosperity for all its residents and communities, inspired by the Fund’s philanthropic and regional leadership. We do this work by collaborating with the communities of the South Cumberland Plateau to seek  common solutions for this place that we call home.

Areas of Focus


We support early education, parent and family involvement activities, school-aged and college support activities, adult education, and all initiatives that are intended to increase access to libraries and reading, the arts, and lifelong love of learning. A 2022 strategic planning process identified early childhood literacy as an area of special emphasis for education funding.

Economic Development

We support efforts that increase business opportunities, job and career training, community building activities, efforts to improve housing and transportation, initiatives in the arts, cultural and historical awareness and preservation, land preservation, and initiatives that encourage community planning. The 2022 strategic planning process identified building better transportation systems as an area of special emphasis for economic development grantmaking.


We support efforts to assure health access, substance abuse prevention programs, improved access to healthy food, increased access to fitness activities, and community planning and awareness efforts focused on health improvement. The 2022 strategic planning process identified housing access as a special emphasis for health-related grantmaking.


Where we serve

Situated 1,000 feet above the valley below, the South Cumberland Plateau features nine towns, each with populations less than 2,500. Since 2012, SCCF has served this region that extends from Sewanee to Beersheba Springs and Pelham to Palmer. The Plateau encompasses the entirety of Grundy County, ranked in 2019 as Tennessee's most economically challenged county. The Plateau also includes portions of Franklin and Marion counties. 

Wild Path
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