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Our Grants Program

We have given over $1.5 million to local nonprofits for their projects over the past ten years. Our grants program has three main areas of focus: Education, Health, and Economic Development. We empower this community to define and create projects that use the area’s local knowledge, foster community collaboration, and build on the strength of the area’s people, communities, and natural setting.

Our Grants Program is divided into three main rounds:

Spring Grants

This is where our grant program began. In the spring 2012 the Community Fund awarded its first grants to area nonprofits totaling $100,000, and has continued to do so annually. Given to nonprofits for a specific project.

Applications are closed. They will reopen next spring.

Connecting for Lasting Impact Grant

​In celebration of our 10 year anniversary in 2022, we created a special grant round focused on collaboration. The grant required multiple organizations to apply together to address an overarching issue on the Plateau. This grant program was extended in 2023 and 2024. LEARN MORE>

The application for Letters of Intent is open now at THIS LINK and due on July 1. The application will be available soon and is due August 1.

Philanthropy Internship
Program Grants

In 2017 we established the Philanthropy Internship Program at the University of the South through a gift from a Sewanee alumna. This program allows students to learn about philanthropy, and award grants in the fall of each year. The program is supported by two endowments at the University.


Application opens in August, and grants are awarded in late fall.

Besides these project-based grants, we also offer capacity-building funding for nonprofits to invest in improving organizational effectiveness and future sustainability.  LEARN MORE>

1. Register with SCCF

2. Attend a Grant Info Session 

3. Apply

4. Get funds

5. Submit Grant Reports

6. Apply Again!

Grant Process:

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