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Capacity Building Fund

Our Capacity Building Fund is a specific type of grant meant to strengthen an organization’s systems and thereby increase its effectiveness. Unlike our project-based grants, the capacity-building funding responds to internal, organizational needs that impact a nonprofit’s stability, efficiency, and future success. 

In addition to our capacity building fund, SCCF has a strategic partnership with the University of the South to sponsor AmeriCorps volunteers who work for local non-profits. LEARN MORE>

Applying for Capacity Building Fund

1. Register with SCCF

This will get you in our system and on our radar. You can register in one of two ways:

  • (Recommended) A short version of the registration form that works in tandem with your Guidestar profile (which we recommend you claim and update if you have not). That form is at this link.

  • A longer version if you do not wish to use Guidestar is at this link.

In either case, be sure to gather all the materials you need before filling out the form. Neither allow for drafts.

2. Apply

Apply for the Capacity Building Fund at this link. You will need to describe your goals for strengthening your organization in detail, including budget. For a detailed list of info required, click here.

3. Get funds

Our Capacity Building Fund is awarded on a case by case basis, and we will be in touch with applicants about status as they are submitted!

Register with SCCF

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