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Community Development Strategies

Alongside our grants program, SCCF also commits resources to our own initiatives to further community development. While we believe that our grants process can encourage proactive and forward-looking action, the Fund has learned that simply providing funding should not be the only measure of its work and influence. Our strategies for community development are dependent on community members coming together and taking collective action to improve life on the plateau for all. 

We have many approaches to community development.

Capacity Building

Strengthening nonprofits

Our Capacity Building Fund is a specific type of award meant to strengthen an organization’s systems and thereby increase its effectiveness. Capacity-building funding responds to internal, organizational needs that impact a nonprofit’s stability and efficiency. 

In addition to our capacity building fund, SCCF has a strategic partnership with the University of the South to sponsor AmeriCorps volunteers who work for local non-profits to strengthen and grow capapcity. LEARN MORE>


Beautifying our mountain

As part of the celebration of South Cumberland Community Fund’s 10th anniversary SCCF embarked on the Special Places Project, the first of a series of projects meant to support our communities’ placemaking efforts.  The first project was a community mural in Roundhouse Park, Tracy City. It was directed by the artist Andee Rudloff, who collaborated with local people and schools to design and paint the final work. LEARN MORE>


Facilitating growth

The Fund facilitates trainings and gatherings for people and community leaders to learn and make connections with each other. As a part of our 10 year anniversary celebration, SCCF alongside Sewanee's Office of Civic Engagement, hosted the "Make Lasting Connections" Symposium. This gathering centered around three rounds of speakers and kicked off a special collaborative grant round. LEARN MORE>

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