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South Cumberland Community Fund Launches Special Places Project!

Update: The mural is complete! We had a great time collaborating and painting together. Students and community from all over the plateau came together to make this project come to life! Check out the pictures below and head out to the Old Roundhouse Park in Tracy City to see it for yourself! When you are there, use #sccf or #specialplacesproject to post to social media.

As part of the celebration of South Cumberland Community Fund’s 10th anniversary SCCF has completed the Special Places Project, the first of a series of projects that are meant to support communities’ placemaking efforts. “We envision this as the first of many projects in communities across the Plateau,” noted Bonnie McCardell, chair of the Special Places Project committee.

The 2022 Special Places Project celebrates the entire South Cumberland Plateau in a mural by noted artist Andee Rudloff, who specializes in working with communities and soliciting ideas for how the community tells stories about itself through images. The mural was unveiled at a community-wide celebration on October 22.

Well over 100 people of the Plateau contributed to the creation of the mural, providing ideas for images or participating in painting.

Recognition of contributors


Local students (Tracy City Elementary, Sewanee Elementary, and Grundy County High School), Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary, Grundy Rotary, Sewanee PRE, Grundy County Herald, and Mountain T.O.P.


Bonnie McCardell, Margaret Woods, Buck and Leslie Parson, Christi Teasley, Rick Wright, John Reed, Jana Barrett, Nadene Moore, Katie Goforth, Rich Wyckoff, Allison Cahoon, Dominic Gialdini, Cindy Day, Stephanie Colchado Kelley, Sheila Beard, Janet Cooper, Patrick Dean, and many others who attended idea sessions or came to Roundhouse Park to paint.

About the artist:


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