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Apply for a Grant

1. Register with SCCF

This will get you in our system and on our radar. You only need to register once. Also be sure to check our funding requirements.

2. Attend a Grant Info Session 

These are held before each grant round. They last for about an hour and are held in person and virtually. You need to attend one session within the calendar year of your application.

3. Apply

You will need to describe your project in detail, including budget. You will also need to provide some other info about your organization. For a detailed list of information required, click here.

4. Get funds

Grants are competitive! If you are awarded a grant, you will typically hear within two months of the deadline for the application.Whether or not you are awarded a grant, we encourage you to attend Celebrations of the grant in April and November and try again. 

5. Submit Grant Reports 

To complete your grant program, you will submit a 6-Month Grant Report to let us know about the progress that you've made. At the end of your project, and before you can apply again, you will submit a Final Grant Report.

6. Apply Again!

The spring grant application for 2024 will open soon!

Make Lasting Connections Grant Application

Open in late spring. 

Philanthropy Internship Grant Application

Application opens in August, and grants awarded in late fall.

Before you apply!

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