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Join SCCF for Storytelling Leader Workshop with Buddy Teaster!

The Storytelling Leader

Date: December 6

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm

Venue: University of the South - EQB Building  

Instructor: Buddy Teaster

CNM consultant Buddy Teaster, CEO of Soles4Souls, will conduct a workshop aimed at helping nonprofit leaders understand the power of storytelling and how it is used in making organizational change, branding, and fundraising. In addition, Teaster will help participants learn the structure of a clear, concise, and powerful organizational narrative; and assist them in creating their own organizational narrative.

If you’re a leader, you’re the narrator. Today, more and more organizations are recognizing the power of narrative and story as a core leadership discipline. Are you developing the organization? Tell a story. Spearheading the change process? Tell a story. Are you looking for powerful ways to preserve your culture, archive knowledge, and engage your people and your marketplace? Tell a story! 

Topics addressed: communication, leadership, management, human resources, developing others, self-awareness. 


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