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Once Upon a Time on the Mountain:

Storyteller Leader Workshop Provides Inspiration for the Nonprofits of the Plateau

A community fund, a university, and a group of nonprofit leaders in a room with an humanitarian innovator is the start of a story that occurred on December 6th on the Plateau. South Cumberland Community Fund, in collaboration with the University of the South Office of Civic Engagement, sponsored a Storyteller Workshop led by Buddy Teaster whose active participation methods helped attendees engage in open communication and shared experiences. Over the course of the day Buddy provided steps for building stories to relate the impact of nonprofit organizations and to engage others in their work, increasing their communications capacity. Participants were asked to describe their organizations in six words, which provided them with the opportunity to mold specific stories that addressed the various aspects of their work. Overall, workshop attendees were brought to a better understanding of their organizations through this productive and collaborative engagement.

“Storytelling can be challenging, and it is really great to have a framework that I can use in crafting stories. This Storytelling Workshop focused on communicating ONE effective story thread, in contrast to the 30+ stories that we sometimes feel we need to tell.” - Stephanie Kelley, Interim Executive Director, DuBose Conference Center

Nonprofit leaders interested in participating in similar creative workshops will have plenty of opportunities coming up in 2019. Check SCCF’s website for upcoming workshops, which are always free for all participants. Subscribe to the SCCF newsletter and like the SCCF Facebook page to stay up to date with the Fund’s community development work.


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