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2017 Philanthropy Internship Program Grant Recipients

This fall marked the first grant round conducted by students in the Philanthropy Internship Program, an innovative partnership between SCCF and The University of the South. In addition to providing additional grant funding to SCCF’s partner organizations, the program gave students the opportunity to learn firsthand

about community-based philanthropy.

The internship program is directed by Senior Associate Director of Civic Engagement Nicky Hamilton, who holds a joint position with the University and SCCF. The following students participated in the Philanthropy Internship Program: Kelsey Arbuckle (C’19); James Jurgensen (C’18); Clara Kim (C’18); Ashley Krueger (C’18); Anna McClain (C’18); and Hadley Montgomery (C’18). Special thanks to Kai Koopman (OCE) for adminstrative support.

Thanks to funds provided by a generous donor, students distributed a total of $28,306 in grants to the following seven organizations.

Bersheba Springs Medical Clinic - $5,000

In support of making a recently donated house usable to expand daily clinical operations.

Folks at Home - $4,383

In support of the implementation of Walk with Ease, a program to promote healthy living, especially for those living with chronic pain,

Mountain Goat Trail Alliance - $2,200

In support of boundary surveys and preliminary design planning for a 300-foot section of the planned Mountain Goat trail in Tracy City.

Pelham Elementary School - $4,890

In support of enhancing the school's library with new books, new shelving for books, and a puppet stage

Swiss Elementary School - $5,000

In support of enhancing the school's library with scanning systems, a spine label maker and other supplies

The Town of Tracy City - $2,000

In support of community events that will help renew interest in the revitalization of Tracy City's historic downtown

Tracy City Elementary School - $4,833

For the creation of a sensory room, a learning environment that encompasses emotion regulation and grounding techniques


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