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2019 Philanthropy Internship Grant Recipients

Arts Inside: $3,096 Arts Inside works to strengthen and maintain relationships between incarcerated women and men at Grundy County Jail and their family members. This grant provides funding to purchase recordable storybooks that allow participants to virtually read to their children in their own voices. The storybooks will be mailed to their families, and children will have access to stories with a parent wherever they are. This innovative program is intended to benefit the incarcerated as well as their children. 

Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic: $5,000

Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic was established in 2010 for and by the Beersheba Springs community, with a mission to promote, protect, and improve the health of persons (especially the medically indigent) living in, working in, or visiting Beersheba Springs and the surrounding area. The clinic will use this grant to expand and redesign parking access for clinic patients.

BetterFi: $5,000 

BetterFi is a local nonprofit 501(c)(3) economic justice enterprise that provides equitable financial services and coaching as a pathway out of predatory loans. To-date BetterFi has disbursed more than $94,000 in loans which translates to more than $157,000 in savings for its clients. BetterFi will use this grant to automate its loan process and expand membership for the Credit Builders Alliance to allow clients to improve credit scores. 

Dependable Laundry: $756

Dependable Laundry is a local nonprofit organization that strives to provide jobs for adults with disabilities. Its services include cleaning and delivering entry rugs, restaurant and beauty shop towels, dust mops, wet mops, and aprons, among many other items. This grant will purchase new tires for the organization’s primary vehicle to keep employees safe while making deliveries.

Grundy County Food Bank: $1,035

Grundy County Food Bank (GCFB) provides food to hungry families in the local community by securing food donations and purchasing food through cash contributions and grants. Last year, GCFB distributed approximately 180,000 pounds of food to 535 people, thanks in large part to the hard work of its volunteers. This grant will allow the Food Bank to purchase a laptop to keep financial records organized, ensuring transparency and sustainability for the organization. 

Grundy County High School Math Department: $5,000

Grundy County High School has an enrollment of 725 students (grades 9–12) and an annual budget of only $200 per classroom per year. The 150-member junior class is set to take the national ACT in April 2020, and in an effort to improve math scores the high school’s math department has undertaken the goal of providing

TI-84 calculators to every junior to allow them to compete successfully with other students across the nation. This grant will enable the purchase of 50 calculators, and supplements the award of a grant to Grundy County High School during SCCF’s spring grant cycle for the purchase of 97 calculators.

Mountain Goat Trail Alliance: $5,000

Mountain Goat Trail Alliance is committed to building a multi-use, multimodal 40-mile walking and cycling trail connecting the communities of the Plateau along the path of the historic Mountain Goat Railroad. The railroad was essential to the Plateau’s coal economy for 130 years, and the construction of the trail atop the original railbed provides a nod to the history of the region as well as a modern, effective means for encouraging a healthy lifestyle while contributing to the economic development of the Plateau. This grant provides funding for the creation of a professional video to highlight the value of the trail and to attract more visitors to the Mountain for recreation and enjoyment of its natural beauty.

Tracy City Baseball Softball Organization: $5,000

Tracy City Baseball Softball Organization operates an annual program for boys and girls ages 3–12 and reaches approximately 100 children each year. In addition to introducing participants to the sport, the program helps children learn to work together as a team, appreciate the benefits of hard work and practice, and gain experience dealing with stressful situations, including losing. This grant supports the construction of a concrete slab for a concession stand and bathroom which will enable Tracy City to host softball/baseball tournaments. 



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