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SCCF Fall Fundraiser- Alvarez Dinner

An Evening with Stephen Alvarez will be the focus of South Cumberland Community Fund's annual fundraiser on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Monteagle Sunday School Assembly. Sewanee resident Alvarez will speak to "My Life as a National Geographic Photographer and the Deep History of the South Cumberland Plateau."

Cocktails and dinner will be served, with
the evening beginning at 6:00 pm.

Tables for eight are available for $1,750; individual reservations are available for $250 each as well as a promotional price of $100 each for attendees 40 years of age and under. Click here to reserve your place for An Evening with Stephen Alvarez.

Click here to learn more about Stephen Alvarez's fascinating work.


Four open edition prints, framed by Harriet Runkle of

Frame Gallery Custom Frames and Art and signed by Alvarez,

will be displayed and available for bidding the night of the 28th. 

Click here to view the prints and to find information for bidding by proxy prior to September 28th!


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